Living Green in Haiti (LGH) is the travel blog of two adventurous sisters discovering Haiti and its wonders. We keep it short, sweet, with a lot of visuals.


“Living Green” means living consciously, as naturally as possible and making choices that will positively impact you, people around you and your environment.

It is our dream to embody this on our blog through which we feature the beautiful touristic landmarks of Haiti ! We bring you history, food, art, culture and  the beautiful face of the Haitian people. We love to promote local goods that are made or grown right here at home and are authentically Haitian.


 DSC00907                 CORALIE takes the pictures

Interests: Photography, Fashion, Soccer, Social life, Breeding dogs
 “Even though I’ve lived in Haiti for 15 years, I find myself clueless about most of Haiti’s culture and wonders. But everything must come to an end. I’m ready to commence exploring Haiti through my camera’s lenses.”

CORALIE is a full-time student who makes time to explore her interests.
She is witty, ambitious and entrepreneurial.


SAMANTTHA writes the posts
Interests: Natural hair care, Vegetarian food, Self-help books, Health, and Chocolate

“I moved back to Haiti from the US after 8 years, having been a vegetarian for 2 years, people looked at me like I was an alien. They really couldn’t grasp the concept of ‘no-meat’. I’ve heard it all: “you’re going to die”, “it’s just a small piece of chicken, it’s not meat!”. So I’ve been learning how to manage in this world of carnivores and I thought ‘hey! having a blog might be a great way to help others like me!’. Hence this blog”

SAMANTHA lived in the United States for 8 years and after receiving her BS in Family, Youth and Community Sciences, she packed her bags and headed home. She now manages a kindergarten in the city and is looking to spread her love all around

Partake on this wonderful exploration with us !  Read our coverage on events and places, find tips for when traveling in Haiti and learn more about this country and its people. 

Keep Green’in 😉

{Updated Dec 8 2018}

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  1. Congratulations! You are doing great and Haiti is the best place to live and to create new concepts!

    Go ahead!


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